Smoke Detector Menggunakan MQ-2 Gas Sensor


Hari ini kita akan bereksperiment dengan MQ-2, MQ-2 dapat mengukur gas Methane, Butane, LPG, Smoke.  Untuk interface dengan arduino, bisa menggunakan salah satu dari pin analog (a0-a5).


Power Supply: 4.5V to 5V DC 
High sensitivity to Propane, Smoke, LPG and Butane 
Wide range high sensitivity to Combustible gases
Long life and low cost
Analog and Digital output available 
Onboard visual indicator (LED) for indicating alarm 
Compact design and easily mountable 
Simple 4 PIN header interface 
Drive circuit is simple. 
Sensor Type : Semiconductor 
Concentration : 300-10000ppm ( Combustible gas)
Supply voltage =5v

Internal Schematic MQ-2

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what we need
Schematic, frizting


#include <MQ2.h>

//change this with the pin that you use
int pin = A0;
int lpg, co, smoke;

MQ2 mq2(pin);

void setup(){

void loop(){
  /*read the values from the sensor, it returns
  *an array which contains 3 values.
  * 1 = LPG in ppm
  * 2 = CO in ppm
  * 3 = SMOKE in ppm
  float* values=; //set it false if you don't want to print the values in the Serial
  //lpg = values[0];
  lpg = mq2.readLPG();
  //co = values[1];
  co = mq2.readCO();
  //smoke = values[2];
  smoke = mq2.readSmoke();


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